Welcome to the Royal Blue Minecraft Crew Online Store.


Any purchase made here will give you the corresponding rank, items or benefits in the game!
Buying ranks will decrease the price of higher ranks and will include lower tiered benefits. Lootboxes are extra items ingame!
Purchases are non-refundable and delivered "as-is", products are subject to change
We hope you find what you need and enjoy our services! Join our discord: https://discord.gg/UEKVPAk 

Who are we?
Well, we are the royal blue crew. A group of people all working together to something great.
We're just your average Minecrafters just like you. Except we all have a great dream in mind. Create a non-hostile community for everyone else to enjoy. Introducing fun extra's like quests, different kinds of marketplaces, a diverse community, The ability to protect your land and earn money. and good staff ;).

All we really want is to have fun playing Minecraft ourselves, and anyone that joins in goes along for the ride. Who doesn't want that?
We're creating a world for everyone. Anyone can pick their spot. claim it, invite their friends, whatever you want.

On the store page we have alot of extra goodies that can be purchased. Some fun extra's for the people keeping our server alive. Nothing crazy, nothing game-changing. just some quality of life stuff, like kits, backpacks, pets, to roam the world with and show off how truly cool you are.
We try to make these buyable ranks and boxes balanced as much as we can. Does it help you progress the game? Yeah it will. Does it mean only because you paid you're able to progress? No, not at all ;)

Anyways go have fun looking around what there is to get, and we hope you enjoy your stay in RBMC :) we sure try hard